List of products by brand HORTON

You will find Horton engine cooling solutions around the world… in heavy, medium and light duty trucks… in all types of buses… in construction, agricultural and mining equipment… and in industrial generators and compressors. Virtually anywhere you find engines with optimized cooling systems, you will find Horton.

Horton Fan Drive

Founded in 1951, the company originally focused on manufacturing industrial clutches. In the 1960s, Horton applied its extensive clutch manufacturing experience to cooling on- and off-highway vehicles. Later, during the US energy crisis in the 1970s, Horton convinced truck manufacturers that they could save fuel by installing engine cooling fan drives in their vehicles. In the 1980s, Horton fan drives became standard equipment for major truck original equipment manufacturers. Horton continues to be at the forefront of the on- and off-highway vehicle industry by designing products with the highest technology, quality and reliability on the market.